Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Can't thank you enough for everything.

Thanks for the sacrifice you made for us.

Thanks for the love, care, guidance, advices you had given us.

Thanks for providing a comfortable shelter for us.

Thanks for always filling up our tummy.

Thanks for driving us around and bringing us around.

Thanks for providing us education.

Thanks for always wanting the best for us.

Thanks for all the memories and time spent together.

Thanks for your patience, tolerance and understanding.


Thanks for being our dearest, greatest, wonderful and best Daddy.

Miss you, and Love you always.

In memory of my father, who passed away on 9th March 2010.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2009, 2010 and random

2009 was fast, that's what I feel. Seems like yesterday I just joined my current firm, and the next second, I am a Senior Yr 1, already managing a few portfolios. Was really anxious at first, before taking up the role as the AIC for engagements. Always wonder how my seniors did it, and they seem to do pretty well and handle things cooly. Just have to explore and learn things, be it the hard way or the other. So far so good, for me, I think.

Things happened during 2009, major one being my father's condition. Pray for you, daddy. Love you. Have been thinking of stuff lately, scary stuff.

Second week into 2010. Almost 1/5 pass the official peak. Have thought of whether I will be staying on (which is unlikely cos I really do not enjoy the unreasonableness of some people), probably wish to explore my opportunities elsewhere, but no direction yet.

Moved into a new place, near MRT station. Hope to stay here for a little longer.

Planning for a trip to Sabah mid 2010, climbing Mt KK is part of the plan. Hopefully I will make it to the submit, though from Internet and friends reviews, it is not easy.

Planning to take the ICPAS exam this May (finally). Feel kinda exciting that I will be studying again (although only for 4 days)!

Had occasional dreams about my engagements, which is not healthy at all!! Reporting deadlines, FS, client's emails, schedules, OSM, managers blah blah blah... Boring.

Wanted to do some conso working, but I enjoy this better :p

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wonderful clip

My friend cum ex-colleague made this, which I like.

Thanks dear Weet=)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wishing upon a star

According to the media, we can observe the Perseid meteor shower tonight, and the best place to see it on earth is East Asia. Haven seen any meteor in my twenty something years living on this planet. I imagine it would be kind of romantic to catch the meteor rain when I look into the sky. And since young we heard that when you see a flying star, you cast a wish!

I thought I should prepare myself with a list of wishes so that when I really do catch the sign of meteor, I will not panick and loss my chance! So what should I wish for....

(Wish list in no particular order)
- may there be no more war among the people
- may everyone respects and loves each other
- may my family, relatives and friend be blessed with health and happiness *hugs*
- may we cherish and love our environment more
- may there be NO MORE ot....
- may I be blessed with a generoud supply of chocolate!
- may the "Freaking Ridiculous Sicko" stop getting thicker and complicated!
- may THEY increase the budget..... (getting greedy)

and finally, world peace *blek*

Happy Living everyone ~~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The PERFECT world

Was watching this Jap drama called "Zettai Kareshi" (Absolute Boyfriend) during my break. It is about this girl Riiko, who is a sweet, simple girl, always doing her best (which her dream lover doesn't like as he thinks she is too serious). So she was wondering why she never meet the perfect partner, the ideal one, and her whining is overheard by a man from the company called "Kronos Heaven" which produces robots. One of the latest invention of the company is a lover robot, programmed to suit every girl's needs. And so Riiko went to the company to "customize" her ideal boyfriend. From the look to the personality and skills (who knows how to cook and looks sexy when exercising, be there for her whenever she is in trouble, can be a little jealous etc...) "Night Tenjo" with all her establised ideal characteristics is sent to her for trial use. So this is how the story goes, with Riiko seeking for her ideal partner (a real human), and life with the ideal partner she created.

It gets me thinking, aren't we all looking for the ideal and perfect someone? But no one in this world is perfect, so who we are actually looking for is someone perfect to us, with their own imperfections, just like we do. Riiko has her ideal boyfriend which she created, who sometimes seems rigid, rather than perfect.

Sometimes the ideal ways become the limit instead, and we will not venture out the ideal boundary cos we know it is not ideal to go beyond. So we live in our own world trying our best to create the ideal world.

But maybe we can have different ideal ways at different phases of our life? Or perhaps we could have more than one ideal scenario at one time so that every scenario is perfect?

It is nice to have an ideal world (dream) but lets not let it becomes our own obstacles to appreciate the things we have.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



(光)你又想起某個夏天 熱鬧海岸線

(曹)記憶中的那個少年 驕傲的宣言



(光)一切看起來都不會太遙遠 (合)轉眼之間過了幾年


(光)即使難免會變得更加洗煉 (合)我們不曾妥協



(光)世界嘗試改變 (合)當初的那個少年



(曹)我們還是心裡面 (合)那個偏執的少年

(曹)你又想起某個夏天 熱鬧海岸線

(光)記憶中的那個少年 驕傲的宣言


(光)相信所有的夢想一定會實現 (合)我們不曾妥協



(曹)世界嘗試改變 (合)當初的那個少年



(光)我們還是心裡面 (合)那個偏執的少年

(合)那是我們都回不去的從前 幸好還可以堅持當時的信念 世界嘗試改變 當初的那個少年 那是我們都回不去的從前 當你站在那個夏天的海岸線 我們還是心裡面 那個偏執的少年

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend at home

Went home for the long weekend. The last time I saw my family was during CNY, which is almost 3 months ago!

Took the night bus back and reached Puduraya at about 4am in the morning. Sis and bro came to fetch me (thanks ya ^.^)... Went home and slept straight until 10 am... My own bed is the NICEST!!

Went shopping with sis, which is our must-do ritual whenever I am back home. We thought we were early as we left home at 10 plus and reached the Mega Mall slightly after 11 and we were wrong! There were long queues at the car park entrances! Based on sis's experience, it will be easier to find parking lot at The Gardens and so we headed to the car park, and within 10 min we were all set up and ready for 血拼! hee.....

As expected, the mall was already pack with people! We both already knew what we want to get so we just headed straight to the JUSCO counter and all the sales personnel were busy entertaining other customers. After wandering and looking at the products for few minutes, we decided to go to the counter at Metro instead. On our way to Metro the brand actually set up a booth and so we spent about 30 min there doing skin consultation and trying their new masks. In the end, we both got what we wanted and I am so amazed with the mask!

We were thinking what to have for lunch and our mom called. She just came back from Ipoh and is reaching Puduraya. So we went to pick her up and had 怡宝鸡丝河粉 for lunch at Petaling Street. It still tastes the same as those I had when I was in primary school.... I love these 老字号...

As for dinner, we went to a Western restaurant recommended by Daddy's friend, called "Sit a Spell". It is located at PJU and hidden behind some shop lots.

The restaurant is cozy, with a piano in a corner.

Family picture =)

Its been a long time since we had dinner together. Shall do this more often =)


Before coming back to Singapore, had our must-do ritual = dim sum for breakfast! Ha we have always love dim sum =)

Back to Singapore, recharged. You all take care, and love you all, LOTS *hugs*